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Getting Help

You can get help by one of the following three ways:

The team behind CHADDB is thoroughly committed to providing free software to the universal Church, in order that God's kingdom will be advanced. We believe it is poor stewardship of the church to fork out hundreds, even thousands of dollars to manage data, when we need to be feeding and clothing the needy. What's more, churches in impoverished regions would no doubt benefit immensely from an application like CHADDB. Such churches lack the financial resources to aquire proprietary applications. Churches can download and pass along to other churches a copy of CHADDB in order to help each other out.

User Documentation

We'll provide links to any user documentation in this section. You can always check out the SourceForge Docs area.

Support via the User Community

While the CHADDB team is certainly willing to help you resolve problems any way we can, you might be able to resolve your problem through the user community. The more experienced users will generally help the less experienced users.

Support From the Development Team

You can get help directly from the development team via the Support Tracker. Please try to be patient, and we'll do our best to help you resolve any problems as quickly as possible.